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Remember when I sent you a Scrabble gift to school? Missing you lots. xx
It’s so difficult to get through the days without you. Missing you so so much and hope heaven doesn’t have summer weather ☀️ 🕊
I miss you so much. The coots have started to leave the nest now, but they don't go very far. We also had our first choir performance of the term on Monday. We sang a difficult song because it went up and down a lot but I think you would've found it fun. We sit in the front row now, too, since Clarence don't really come anymore. I hope you can hear us from Heaven when we sing at rehearsal.
I went to LAC to see the ducks and geese, they've all hatched and are adorable. I wish you were here to see them this year
Thank you for the wonderful memories Caitlyn
We will keep feeding the ducks and geese around LAC, don’t worry. We will look after them for you.
We miss you so much